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Import whatever you want of goods from Turkey by using Turkish Products Finder's platform. We provide full services if you want to visit Factories/Markets in Istanbul. Plus, we help you find the right business plan if you want to start up a new business in Turkey.

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With Turkish Products Finder it's easy to export your goods from your country to any targeted region. Our digital agency department - which was awarded in 2019 as "The Most Innovative Digital Marketing Agency in Turkey" will help you in this mater.

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In addition to being a trusted import export service provider, Turkish Products Finder also provides the proven capabilities to meet our customer’s offshore supply chain management needs. We have a good connections in Turkey to meet all your demands.

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Sesame for Export from Sudan
Turkish leather jackets
Turkish delight for export

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The first important step is to provide us with a full information of what you are looking for (Same matter for suppliers.) As much you provide us, as much it will be easier and will shorten the time for the parties.

Take A Rest!

After we collect the important info, we will start our job by searching (if you are looking for suppliers,) or by searching, marketing & advertising (if you are looking for buyers.) Time depends on several factors as you know.

Reach Your Goal!

Finally, and depending on all what talked about in the first two steps, we try our best to reach your goal, and to match the parties together. So, you don’t need to waist your time and search, we will do that for you.
Client Newwell
Client Penti
Client Fiesta
Customer Dalan
Client Gulsan
Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

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Gold Marketing Package

The Gold digital marketing package designed for start-ups and established small businesses interested in primarily seeking top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) execution, marketing plan development, strategy-building, priority projects and support building website traffic, subscribers and reach.

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Business Marketing Plan

The Business package is designed for small-to-medium sized companies in need of an outsourced digital marketing team to drive growth. It’s also an ideal to drive additional top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) and middle-of-the-funnel (MOFU) traffic and improved conversions.

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Rocket Marketing Package

The Rocket package is ideal for businesses seeking aggressive digital marketing and advertising campaigns with fully integrated activities across the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel — In addition to running growth hacking campaigns for immediate KPI growth.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

If you are planning on importing/exporting to and from Turkey, you may have additional questions about importation laws with our neighboring country. Since Turkey’s importing laws are continually changing, you will need to work with an import/export expert to ensure that your policies are in compliance with national law. Hiring an international expert helps ensure that your materials are delivered on time.

Standard documents like commercial invoices and certificates of origin are the most important. However, each commodity might also require additional documentation. More Info

We can advise on most commodities with only a few exclusions. These are typically items that might run into legal issues such as guns, drugs etc.

There are two basic ways to set commission. One is a flat commission. This is usually a percentage, such as 5 percent, on any sale the representative makes. Businesses can also use a ramped commission, where the percentage of commission rises as sales representatives hit certain targets.
While other businesses prefer the advertising packages rather than ramped commission.
Anyway, commission can be different depending on the products, quantities and other factors.

The following products still the most Turkish global shipments during 2019.

  1. Steel and Iron.
  2. Textiles.
  3. Automobile and Vehicle parts.
  4. Jewelry and Gemstones.
  5. Electronics gadgets.
  6. Agricultural products.
  7. Leather products.
  8. Pharmaceutical products.

It’s as the following:

  1. Organic chemical products.
  2. Crude oil import.
  3. Agricultural products.
  4. Plastic products.

Sorry to say that we serve wholesale only. No retail sales. In general, the minimum quantity is 20ft container.

It is important to decide what your ad to achieve before starting and spending a single cent, that’s what we focus on. We lead with a customer-focused proposition – what problem can we solve for your audience?. Clear is better than clever.
We prefer to contact us to study some important points before ordering any package.

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