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In Few Lines

The Turkish Product Finder is a platform that is created to assist wholesalers to find the best product at the best price.

On this website, we display varieties of products manufactured by different companies across the globe for wholesalers to see, compare their prices and qualities, and request for an order.

Although this platform is based in Istanbul, we long to create a vacuum where manufacturers, service providers, and wholesalers from different parts of the world can discuss business, exchange details, and make transactions.

The Turkish Product Finder is not only a website, but we are also a team on our own. A team of product inspectors, businessmen, business curators, and language translators who are ready to discharge our services to whoever chooses to invest in Turkey.

What We Do

Our Aim, Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that wholesalers receive products of high quality at affordable prices regularly. And to the manufacturers and sellers, we long to see you smiling and making more profits daily.

Our personal and utmost objective is to create the largest e-commerce website in Turkey and the world generally.

The Turkish Product Finder is to become the website where you can find all products including coals, textiles, clothes and accessories, machinery, agricultural crops, phone accessories, salts, beverages, toys, sophisticated machines used for mass production, and all whatever you want.

On this note, we are extending our hands of partnership to all manufacturers, wholesalers, service providers, businessmen, and to Turkish and foreign investors out there.

Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Rami Ka

Company Founder

Hassan. Ja


Aref K. G

Partner, Manager

Mohannad K. G

Partner, Marketing

Why Choose Us? Find reasons to choose us as your business directory

Finding Right Products

We deal with all sorts of products and services be it steel, coal, metal, arts, and crafts, food and consumables, jewelry, gadgets, household materials, all kinds of clothing, and electronics to mention but few. By using our platform as a wholesaler, you are sure of meeting manufacturers that produce the products in your niche in large quantities and also ship it to your domain. With Turkish Product Finder, you won’t ever run out of stock for your business.

Your Guide in Turkey

Turkish Product Finder holds our motto “your business guide in Turkey “in high esteem. We are ready to give businessmen that desire to invest in Turkey the comfort they deserve by conveying them to the wholesale factories, assist in testing the quality of the product, and provide them accommodation throughout your stay in Turkey. Also, there is no need to worry about the language barrier, we have translators at hand to ease the communication.

Advertise Your Products

What do you produce but not yet known internationally? At Turkish Product Finder, we strongly believe that advertisement on our portal is all you need to sell your products across the globe. For this reason, we are ready to give your products a shout out to the world irrespective of what you produce.

Grow Up Your Business

We stand to provide you with regular business tips to develop your business, make you know more about our digital marketing services and keep you informed on Importation and exportation through our blog posts, or by contacting our team.